Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My morning visitor

Imagine my surprise this morning when I walked out my front door and found this little fella sitting in my walkway!!!
The friendliest little guy! Hopped right over. I put my finger out....ya, no. But I couldn't just leave him, right? So, I sat down, put my coffee cup down, which he immediately had to investigate(put his little bird beak all over it..guess I was done with that!)...then just puffed out his little chest and started cleaning himself. So he wasn't scared. But what a dilemma. He is obviously someones pet. He wont let me pick him up...So off to work I go...I start walking down the stairs and he follows me!!! Broke my heart! I'm seriously late for work!!
Got home this afternoon and I have to admit I was sort of hoping he'd still be here...but no. So hopefully he flew home....I wont even think about the hawks that fly around the field near my house!!!


  1. How cute!!! I know the guilty feeling, been there, done that. You come by it honestly!
    Hey! If I'd known you wanted a bird...oh, just not my bird, huh?
    Love You!!!!

  2. He probably pecked out the eyes of the next person that came along. I think you dodged a bullet!
    Welcome to the blogosphere!